The Samsung Instinct is a smartphone that uses a Haptic touchscreen interface, and three touchscreen buttons.

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Touchscreen wont respond when I try to unlock phone...?

How can i fix this myself???? phone powers on, then my screen saver displays itself like normal, then the unlock(password) screen, and i try to input my password and the touchscreen wont vibration, no nothing...

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any history we should know ? - dropped? fluid damage? out of the blue???

Hey markus.......History: Dropped multiple times with no negative results.....then dropped it on my garage floor and it started convulsing(vibrating on and off) for a few moments then stopped, from then on ive had this problem....

I have some problem. I buy a new phone and the screen work first day. Next day I tried to unlock the phone but touch screen doesnt work, only lateral buttons. I reboot the android phone and the screen work but after some unlocks, screen doesnt work. .

Can I know what to do if my Samsung Galaxy S4 dropped into a cup of Hot Tea........The Mobile works but The Screen doesn't work....??????????


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hi matt,

i would use the motherboard guide (click) and check all the connections inside the phone - most likely is a connection poped out of the socket - but it's also possible that the soldering of a chip got damaged - but as i said - check the connections first - good luck


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It is very useful for taking the device apart, but how do I know if the deice is going to begin working again?


Try rebooting it....turn it off then on


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when i try to unlock my phone it wont slide but im able to use siri but my banner pops up saying 20% left and it wont let me press it


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