TV giving no reaction to any input whatsoever

TV model: Philips 49PUS7909/12

Purchased in 2014/2015

A few years ago ( around 2019) my tv started reacting slower and slower whenever I pressed any button, from changing the volume to going to the menu to even turning off the tv. At first it was just a minor delay of a few seconds and then it took a few minutes before it gave any reaction.

Fast forward a few years(2020) and it stopped reacting to anything whatsoever. I turn off/on the tv by taking out the plug. The volume is stuck at whatever it was last selected. The only source I'm able to use is HDMI 2 (out of 4) as that is the last source that was selected when it was still possible. Both USB-ports still give power.

Both the remote and the manual buttons on the tv give a red light when something is pressed, but still nothing happens.

I've been searching the internet ever since I have this issue, but this situation is unheard of as far as I know. Even Philips' customer service has no clue.

If anyone has any ideas/suggestions/tips/fixes.., please let me know, I'm willing to try everything.

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