fixing my graphic problems with a oven?

hey there,

i have a question about the logic board in a macbook pro mid 2010. i think the nvidia graphic on board doesnt work. so i searched the www and found a solution for older macbooks. remove logic board and just put it in a oven for about 7 minutes. many clips show that. so i wonder if this could be a solution for me!? i saw a solution pretty similar to that about a xbox 360 and a heat gun. sounds like the same concept i guess.

so what you think?

I LOVE YOUR PAGE by the way :)

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Doing this kind of repair with an oven or a heat gun is like doing surgery with a chainsaw. It may temporarily resolve the issues sometimes. But, I would count on it doing more harm than good, in the long run. If you have a genuine graphic chip issue, as new as your laptop is Apple will take care of it if you take it to an Apple store and not an Apple provider, assuming the problem isn't liquid damage related.


i dont think they will take care of it because i dont have warranty left. the hole logicboard need to be changed (about 900 dollar)...


It never hurts to ask them. It has not been out of warranty that long. It is with in the Apple store's discretion to do that. - Another possibility: Apple has two means of repair. Doing it themselves or sending it to Depot. Depot is a partner of Apple, and they are cheap - I believe it is a $280 flat rate. Apple itself is prohibitively expensive - $900 in your case. Whether they offer you Depot or Apple is often a matter of discretion. If they like you, they offer Depot. Always ask for a Depot repair, at which point it's pretty hard for them to deny you. A Depot repair comes with a comprehensive 60 day warranty (or is it 90?). They do a diagnostic on the machine and will repair anything that needs fixed. $280 is less than replacing the board yourself, slightly higher than the repair services on eBay, but done by Apple trained professionals. In your case they will replace, not repair the board.