Ripped logicbaord pad can't find a trace to run jumper


the board number is 820-00850-A and its the 4 thunderbolt 3 model

I was working on a water damaged MacBooks logicboard and noticed a component has fallen off

it took the pad with it and I can't find a trace to run a jumper from .

am I right in believing that I can run a jumper from c7214 to c7215? or does the number on the component not mean anything, if it helps they are right beside each other on the board diagram.

there 2 components are on opposites sides of the board to each other and I can find a via to start with

hopefully someone can point me in the right direction

any answers are greatly appreciated


Block Image

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@hellomacos if it is pad 2 connect that to common ground of either C7213 or C7215 pad 1 I‘d use C7215 but You will still need to use the capacitor from C7214 (do not apply a jumper instead) you just Bridge the trace not the component.


Iv added a photo of the pad i think is ripped(it’s the one highlighted in red ,it won’t really take any solder)

So just to confirm ,I run a jumper from the side of c7213 that’s connected to PPBUS_HS_CPU to C7214 and use the ground that is already there


@hellomacos that is correct. Use pad 1to pad 1 of c7214 and 2 to ground




@hellomacos you are good with this? You got this.....! :-)