Fried logic board, what are some options for repair/replacement

My Macbook pro encountered liquid, and as a result the logic board is shot. I am on a very tight budget, and am looking for some options.

Apple wants to charge me 750 to have it sent off and fixed, which is out of my price range.

There are some logic board repair services on Ebay that charge around 250 to fix the board, and offer a refund if they are not successful.

I could sell my computer on Ebay and buy a replacement off craigslist, but im not sure how much I would get.

Let me know if you have had success with any of these things or have any other ideas

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When you say encountered liquid, do you mean that you spilled something on it, or they told you there was liquid damage. I am having a similar problem in that they say my motherboard is corroded on a 2011 mbp, but I have not spilled any liquid on it. I was wondering if this is actually a defective product issue. Sorry, I don't have an answer to your question.

Hyaden. Are you willing to do the fix yourself? You may be able to find a logic board that's within your budget and we have guides that can show you how to replace it. The process isn't too bad. As long as your careful about static discharge I'm sure you could replace it easily! I put "repairing" a logic board as low on my choices of things to try...there are very tiny parts and ICs that would be nigh impossible to fix without specialty tools.


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Apple has two means of repair. Doing it themselves or sending it to Depot. Depot is a partner of Apple, and they are cheap - I believe it is a $280 flat rate. Apple itself is prohibitively expensive - $750 in your case. Whether they offer you Depot or Apple is often a matter of discretion. If they like you, they offer Depot. Always ask for a Depot repair, at which point it's pretty hard for them to deny you. A Depot repair comes with a comprehensive 60 day warranty (or is it 90?). They do a diagnostic on the machine and will repair anything that needs fixed. $280 is less than replacing the board yourself, slightly higher than the repair services on eBay, but done by Apple trained professionals. In your case they will replace, not repair the board.


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