Access (and format) a not recognized ssd?

After installing rEFIT and trying to reformat my A1369's hard drive, I can't access it any more. Actually, the Air won't boot with the drive plugged in: I just get the startup chime and a white screen (reported here: Startup chime, no boot, white screen of death.) In order to boot it, I have to uninstall (disassemble) the disk. Then, once it boots, I can plug the disk back in, but the Disk Utility won't see it.

Any ideas on how can I "repair" the SSD? (It's not "phisically" broken; just badly formatted/partitioned). I was thinking on trying to access it via some USB adapter, but I don't know if there is any adapter for that. Is there any other way how I can access the SSD? Any command line "more clever" than Disk Utility?

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