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What if I brook the copper tape on rear camera

I accidentally tear apart the piece of copper tape connecting the rear-facing camera to the steel mid plane.

What kind of problem this damage will cause?

Do I really need that copper tape on it?

Can I soldering the copper pieces together?

Can I purchase this copper tape piece, from where?

Thank you so much for your answer!

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If you are talking about the see through yellowish-brownish piece of tape, it's nothing major. Usually pieces of tape like that are to help connectors stay down and prevent shorting. Electrical tape should be an ok substitute, though kapton tape would be an exact replacement.

If you are talking about the ribbon cable that attaches the camera to the logic board, unfortunately you would be in trouble and you would have to buy a new camera/cable assembly.


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Copper grounding tape or other grounding methods are usually for "noise" or EMF suppression. It works the same way as a wrist ground strap for static electricity. Errant electrons are routed away from other components so as not to cause interference or damage.

Electronic devices are also regulated as to how much errant EMF/static/noise/electrons not making it to the desired path (however you want to describe it) etc., can be generated and these foils can do just that; "foil" their "escape." (sorry for the pun).

Not meant to be a high tech answer.


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The copper foil on the 4th Gen iPhone camera is EMI shielding. Anyone that says it does not affect the functionality of the device is either mildly retarded or just plain stupid. Companies do not put valuable resources into devices for no reason. In this case the copper foil shields the WiFi antenna from electromagnetic interference produced by the cameras internal circuitry. Sure it will work without it but it may knock 100 feet off your WiFi range or just trigger a highly aggressive malignant tumor in your brain stem! lol


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That copper ribbon does not affect the devices

functionality what so ever


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