No video but audio

There is no picture but there is sound TV reads no signal

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Has the TV - BluRay player setup worked OK before or is this a new setup?

If using a HDMI connection have you tried different HDMI ports in the TV or different HDMI cables to see if there is a picture?

Try using a Composite video/audio connection between the TV and the player and check if there is video or not. This is to check if it is a HDMI problem (TV?) or a more general video problem in the player.

If it is a new setup, what is the make and model number of the TV?


How does the TV "read" no signal? Doesn't that require a picture to be able read something?

The first thing I do with any "no picture" TV symptom is to shine a light on the screen to see if there is any video there. If so, the backlight is out. That can be caused by many things, but the starting point is verifying the PSU backlight voltage.

If there is no video, than there are many thinks it can be from the main board not producing the video to the TCON board not processing and outputting the video. Any of those problem might be caused by the PSU also. In any even, proper power is the first thing to verify.