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Battery indicator shows "Not Charging" but has green light on adapter

Hi. Around September I believe I started noticing the problem of my battery showing "Not Charging" on the indicator but the Magsafe adapter still showed a connection and was powering green. Later I disconnected it and replugged and it would turn green to orange every few seconds. Then even later, it got to where I hardly see the orange light at all...and the percentage had been sitting at odd numbers (below 95%) but it was clearly discharging and recharging intermittently. I had suspected that it recharged while it was sleeping. I've tried SMC a few times and it didn't work...I even tried to reset the PRAM and if anything it just made my laptop worse...and it started having the new problem of falling into sleep mode whenever I'd be in the middle of using it. I'd wiggle my mouse and it would wake up for a short period of time then go back to sleep mode and if I tried waking it up again it'd eventually do a quick shut off. Now when this happens I usually tap one of my keys instead and eventually I'd get it to where after I wake it up it will stay up and not shut off.

As for the battery problem, I've tried another adapter and the problem still persists on my laptop so I don't think it's the adapter. The battery shows only 34 cycles and in "Normal" condition. I tend to keep it plugged in most of the time. Could it still be a faulty battery problem?

I can't remember for sure, but around when it started acting up like this I think we had a brief power outage in the house. Could a power outage have anything to do with it? As long as I can remember I've never had anything electronic suffer due to a power outage and everything still worked afterwards in the house.

Over a little more than a year ago, the laptop did suffer a water spill accident close to the left side with the ports but after it dried out it ran flawlessly since it had nothing had happened...I'm only having these problems now. I highly doubt a water spill accident that happened a year or so ago would have anything to do with it now, but could it?

I'm also running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 if that helps. Someone told me it sounded like it could be a software problem, but could it be a hardware problem? I hope someone can help me...maybe give me an estimate of how it'd be to fix it (generally) least in parts?

Thank you!!!

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Download and run Coconut Battery and let us know your results. How old is this battery?


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I've never replaced my it's the same age as my macbook pro, 19 months.

Current charge: 227 mAh - Max charge: 5903 mAh

(It is currently at a 5% charge, not charging.)

Current capacity: 5903 m4h - Design capacity: 6900 m4h

(And it's sitting at 85% capacity right now... however if it charges to 100%, this should change right?)

Battery temp: 31.2 C - Power usage: 0.2 Watt

(Also does battery problems have anything to do with why my laptop randomly sleeps in the middle of usage? Thanks!)

Sorry I have no idea how to format this post to how I want so hopefully I made it easy enough to read!

Did that reply help?

Actually when the battery is taking a charge the magsafe indicator turns orange and when the battery is full turns to green. Is that what you are getting?

No the battery isn't fully charged when green, when I check the percentages it usually reports it way below 95% and indicator reads "not charging". That's the problem. I hardly see it orange ever when it's supposed to be charging.


It's not a problem, see this article


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I've got same seems to have started running Lion. Battery stays below 90% to as low as 65% with green light still on. I flip position of Magnetic insert and most often it starts charging again. Had charger replaced before one year warranty ran out...don't think it's charger issue.

Good site here, hope I get a clue....thanks


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Yeah, I heard many problems with that running Lion but I'm still on Snow Leopard...and I've never had this problem before. :/ It's not the adapter because I keep it plugged in most of the time plus I've already tested it with another working adapter but it does the same thing. I don't really want to do a clean install but I guess I have to try it. It would be annoying to do that and have the problem still persist. Doesn't seem like anyone can help. :/


even my battery is 13% it is showing not charging when in plug in then what is the solution to fix it


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