Panasonic half screen jitter

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I have a panasonic dx-65dx850b and it has half screen jitter.

So backlight had failed i took apart and soldered in a new led and tv would now boot but i damaged a ribbon cable to the t con board.

Couldnt get a cable so got a whole new t con board with ribbons, now in both my old and new t con board i get this issue where half the screen is distorted and have no idea what could be wrong.

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Update: i took out all cable to t con board and cleaned with alcohol i also cleaned the cof connections, i now have the other half of my screen working but i have a inch and a half wide vertical line from the bottom right corner witch fades just after halfway across the screen, i can see the picture underneath this bar/line its just has discolour greenish. Im at a loss i will try re seating all cables again tomorrow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Still sound like a connection/signal issue. Could be that the cable that came with your tcon cable replacement is damaged


Thank you for your reply xavier, i think my main worry is its a cof connection as i think that would be out of my realm of expertise.

I have come across on the internet that my power board could possibly be the issue could that be the case?


@gam3x0v3r it's not your power board. The power board does not distinguish between the left and right side of your display, You want to suspect that this is an issue with either the T-con board, the ribbon cables or the LED driver board. The last suspect would be the main board but what makes me a bit suspicious is that you recently repaired the backlight. Double check all of your work closely.