USB charger IC overheating.

My Lenovo Tab 2 started having charging and discharging issues. Charging was slow, and the device got unusually warm. I opened it up and found that components under a shield next to the charging port were getting very warm. Both when charging and when the tablet was just unused with the battery connected.

Block Image

I removed the main board and desoldered the shield to find a BQ24296M “1-cell, 3-A, I2C controlled buck charger with USB OTG and min system regulation”

Block Image

I connected the battery and immediately this charger chip was too hot to touch.

So now I know what is heating up.

I checked all the capacitors around the IC but found no immediate short. When the battery is not connected and I connect the charger, the chip does get slightly warm but nothing spectacular.

Are these signs that the chip is shorted internally or can there be external components causing this?

Should I try changing the charging chip?

Here is a picture from the chip data sheet, please tell me if there is something else I should check:

Block Image

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I wonder could the battery possibly the problem?


@aactech do you think an inexpensive USB ammeter would show if the battery has an excessive draw on the power line?


Hi @oldturkey03 ,

I haven't used one but possible worth a try.