Can I adjust the overscan on my Panasonic Viera TH-42PX20?

It’s an old TV but still a good one. However, I want to use it as the monitor for a Raspberry Pi set up as a Smart TV / Media Centre. The problem is the TV’s HDMI input seems to overscan, The Pi menu is above the top of the screen (and some sports banners are cut off at the bottom).

The TV menu has a section to adjust the H & V size position for the VGA port (under PC Menu) but I can’t find anything similar for the other inputs. I’ve tried adjusting the setting in the Pi’s HDMI output, but had no luck with that either.

I suspect the answer is no, but hoping someone has a better answer than replacing the TV.

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Hi @garydale,

Did you try adjusting the aspect ratios just to see if it had any affect.

According to the manual the TV resolution is 768 x 768 when set for 4:3 aspect and 1024 x 768 when set to 16:9 aspect

Both aspects have a height parameter of 768. Can the Pi output resolution be adjusted to one of the above outputs?


@jayeff That's when using the VGA adaptor - which requires progressive scan. The resolutions for HDMI are 720i, 720p and 1080i. When using (analog) VGA, you get a full 768p scan lines and the ability to adjust the picture size that seems to be absent from the (digital) formats.

I have no idea why the TV seems to continue the analog practice of over-scanning, which should unnecessary for digital formats.



How old is the TV?

I wonder if there is a firmware update as I couldn't find your model in the lists.


@jayeff It's from the early years of this millennium - maybe around 15 years. I also could find the manual online... I don't think it even has a USB port - just a memory card slot.


@garydale do you know the HDMI settings for your Pi? Panasonic's are tough because of the 60Hz display. I wonder if adjusting the driver voltages on the Vsus would help. Do you have the service manual downloaded and checked the adjustment section?