Ezgo 1980s Frequently needs a push to get moving. Don't slow down!

Batteries were checked. Dry so put water in. Checked and are fine. Friend says maybe dead spit in motor. He says leave key on in drive and give a push until motor engages. I say connects are corroded. Its an 80s ezgo. Live it but don't want to put 100s in it. And I sure as heck can’t keep pushing it around. Now when I take a drive I can only wave. No stopping for chit chat.? Because it may or may not start again.

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@imatravelin you checked your solenoid? You said the batteries were dry and you added water. How did you check the batteries to make sure that they were okay?


Hi. Thx. My neighbor checked with a water gauge. I drove it tonight no problem. But I always stop on an incline just in case. Is solenoid expensive?


@imatravelin no they are not. Check the batteries first. I am not convinced that they are all that great. You need to check those with a load tester, something like this. I believe you can even rent one for free at Autozone.


Yes. He did check batreries that way too. Sorry. Forgot. Will do it again.


@imatravelin pretty much every solenoid I've seen is less than $40. After checking batteries, I would try locating where it is on there. Are you getting voltage to it? When you try to go, is it getting control voltage? And better question (and you really should put it up on jackstands or something to test these things without it trying to take off) is voltage coming THROUGH it when you try to go? If not, with someone pressing the pedal to try and go, give it a solid rap with a wrench. Does it want to go after that? If you are getting power to it, control voltage to it (to activate the coil in it) and no voltage coming out when pressing the pedal, then it needs a solenoid. It probably has a model number on it you can use to look up which one you need. Because there are thousands out there, and you need one rated for the amperage the motor will pull. As for the tap, that's just to see if you can unstick the solenoid contacts and make them engage. You don't HAVE to do that, but it sounds like by pushing it the vibrations are freeing it up internally and letting it make contact.