The second generation of the Mitsubishi Eclipse, also sold as the Eagle Talon, the convertible model was called the Spyder.

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How to time my 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder

how do i time the new belts

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Since you did not mention which engine you have, the only help that I can offer you at this time is a link to a site that will explain how to do the complete exchange and how to set up the timing. You can download the service manual for your vehicle right here Page 11F11 of the manual will go through all the steps. Good Luck.


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Good advice +


A timing gun is what the pros use. I would just find someone who will type it for you 4 cheap. If you search Craigslist and forums you can find the right people. I use my Haynes book and pretty much tells you how to do it manually. Google search it if you can't find the images and information I can send you a copy of that page


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how do i set the tomeing right on my 95 eclips


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The eclipse has timing marks that need to be aligned. If you move #1 cylinder to TDC you will see the alignment marks line up on the crank, camshaft, and oil pump. If you remove the belt with all marks aligned and then put the belt back in the same manner you will be good!

If you fail, then you would end up with a Mitsubishi Diamond Pro like myself putting it back together.

Note: Certain models had a oil pump and balancer shaft that could be 180 out and cause the engine to vibrate badly. How do i know this? I fixed someone’s eclipse that their neighbor had changed the timing belt on!

After all that you can adjust the timing with a good old timing light and shifting the distributor.


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