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Computer will not power on.

I have a MacBook Pro 15" Model A1226. The laptop was working great, then I tried to turn the computer on and it would not boot.

The light on the AC Adapter is faintly flashing orange. I have replaced the I/O Board, the AC Adapter, the battery cable, reset the SMC, and nothing fixes the problem. Any ideas?

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I'm sorry to say it, but if you've replaced the AC adapter, and replaced the I/O board with a known-good replacement part, and experienced the exact same symptoms, then all that's really left that could be faulty is the logic board itself.

However, you didn't mention the RAM...I'd remove it and put a stick of known-good RAM in one slot, test it, and if that doesn't work, move the RAM to the other slot. It doesn't especially sound like a RAM issue, but it couldn't hurt to try.

If none of this helps, you might want to take it to an Apple store. I'm assuming it's out of warranty, but they have some pretty amazing diagnostic tools there that aren't available to the public, and a friendly Genius may be able to run some of them on your machine.

If it comes down to getting it repaired, you can send it to this guy:


He does flat-rate logic board repairs on Pros for $245, and has an amazing success rate. I just shipped a 2.66GHZ unibody Pro to him the other day.

Good luck!


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rdklinc, here's the email address to reach Doug your ebay seller. I had a MacBook logic board repaired by him and was very satisfied.

Doug Horner

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada


Yup, that's him! Thanks! I've heard a lot of good things about his services. I'm very excited to get my machine back from him, and I'm eager to learn the tricks of Doug's trade! :-)

I don't think Doug will give his tricks away LOL !!!

Just an update on the Doug Horner situation: I sent him a 2.66GHZ MacBook Pro. In addition to not being able to fix it, he dented the topcase, wrote all over the inside of the machine with permanent black sharpie, and broke the trackpad cable. My experience with him has been horrible, and he denied most of what he clearly did. Internal cables were also disconnected when I received the machine, a panel was put on backwards, and the packing material was far less than sufficient, and it's a wonder it didn't get destroyed in shipping. I would advise anyone with a bad board to go to Apple and do a Depot repair instead.

Amen, the guys a lying con. Sent Mac for a graphic card repair to Canada from states and that where the trouble started. The fix for logic card is very temporary. I sent it back for it to get fixed again and it was months before it came back. I paid another $300 black mail to get it back. He double charged and at this point he still has my hard drive with all my data on it , My computer is broken again. I threatened to get the local Canadian police to get it for me and he just laughed. At this point I am in contact with Pay Pal. I am scared that this slime still has my hard drive. There are no fixes for graphic cards and no fix to get property back from another country. The guy above is right. Stay away,


Will it boot from the CD or an external firewire drive? Do you get a tone on start up? Does the power on button have any light? What was the difference between the old power adapter lights and the new?


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Nothing happens when I push the power button. No sounds, power button does not light up, screen does not flicker, nothing.

AC adapter lights should be the standard solid green when not charging the battery and orange when charging the battery. Now, the ac adapter light is just blinking a faint orange. Also, I have tried replacing the battery. I am thinking the I/O board or the logic board is the culprit.

Do you have a charged battery? If so then disconnect the mag safe and try to start. Without some working power source I cannot diagnose further.


Did you try replacing your power cable? If the power adapter is flashing, I would think that would indicate that the adapter has headed south.


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Yep, I replaced the AC Adapter.


You may need to replace the magsafe connector Left I/O Board. I have a MacBook Pro with the same issue, It will power up with a charged battery installed but will not charge the battery and will not power up without the battery installed.


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He stated that he already replaced the I/O board, which contans the magsafe DC-in connector.



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