I replaced the LCD screen yet touchscreen doesn't work

hey guys ive had a very frustrating problem recently

My lcd on my Oneplus Nord AC2003 broke recently so I bought a replacement. Plugged it in today. Phone turns and display turns on. But when it does touchscreen doesnt work, yet volume button registers and switching ringtone mode also registers. The screen goes off after inactivity and i cant switch it back on with the power button. The only way to see the display on is after a fresh restart . Yet the power button works because I've pressed it after a fresh restart and it registered and turned off the phone. (Ik the phone is still on when I think it's on because the switching ringtone makes a haptic feedback and I feel it)

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i have a simiilar problem with my nord n 10 5g. i replaced a broken screen. before replacement i tried a reboot sequence that has my phone booting to a password entry screen that i am unable to do anything with as the touch screen does not respond.