Why can't I change the channel by entering the channel number?

When I enter channel numbers the TV says 'channel unavailable' but if I scroll through the channels they are there. So, if I want to go from channel 1 to channel 70, I have to scroll through every channel in between. I have tried using 2 different remotes and get the same error every time. Is there a fix for this?

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Hi, yes. Everything else works fine, volume, settings, apps etc. The only issue is changing channel by entering the number.


Usha Amaranathan no cable box or Sat box in between? Your Cable connects directly to the TV? Has it ever worked? What is the exact make and model for your Tv?



Do other functions work OK when using the remote control, e.g. volume, input, menu, etc?

Have you checked if the TV has the latest firmware Ver.2139.1 installed?

Here is how to install it.

Note: Ensure that it is correct firmware for your exact model, as installing the wrong firmware can brick the TV