weird issue. randomly won't start.

Weird issue, randomly MBP won't boot. I've dealt with this issue before and almost always got the issue resolved. I read the other post about a gentleman's MBP not booting on here but my case is a tad bit different. The laptop shows that it's charging with the orange light… with no battery plugged into it. I have 7-8 fully functional 2015 kicking around as I resell the things so was able to test out with different parts and had same outcome. Randomly was working, then wouldn't boot one day with the orange light on adapter showing charging, never to go green. With or without battery plugged in.

Yes I've tried the basics of SMC, power cycle. I'm to assume board just died out of blue.

P.s. I am using genuine apple 60w adapter and I've tried a few.

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Once the system is running, try to get it to run the onboard diagnostics restart the system and press the D key to enter. Did you get an error message let us know what you got.

Reference: Mac startup key combinations