TV Philips 49PUS6101/12 won't turn on

Hello, i want to ask you about my problem,

TV won’t turn on, i repaired backlights, still no screen, then I replaced Power board, New Power board started to click, now what? Im in the end, i dont know what to do next.

Im learning electromechanism for 3 years, so im kinda new to this, Please can you help me? Thanks.

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pictures might help narrow in on a problem. try taking some pictures of the board and all that.


Did you measure the input and output voltages on the PSU board before you changed it? Do you have normal readings on standby and at the LED driver?



Sorry, i didn't write, what i did...

But, i found that when the power board clicks, it means somewhere is shortcut, so i unplugged boards from the end till it stopped click, It stopped at AV Main board.

Do you think thats the wrong part? Should i try to repair it? or buy new?

Thanks for answer.


the easiest would be to just replace stuff. but might be more expensive that way