backlight doesn't come on after shut down

backlight doesn’t come on if i switch on the iPad with power button

however it will come on if i hold down home button and power button together

i did unfortunately unplug the screen while battery was connected

lesson learnt

regards Gerry

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i would interested if anyone else has experienced this problem and how they resolved it

cheers Gerry


If you turn it on normally the screen is blank right? When you hold down power and home button it should boot into recovery or dfu, when that happens can you see the connect to itunes thing clearly?


when i hold down both buttons the screen appears and operates as normal

but most of the time

turning it on wth the power button the lcd screen works

i can just faintly see the apple logo

just no backlight

regards Gerry


Haven't worked on iPad 6 yet but it sounds like a blown filter, older models like ipad mini also had backlight fuses. I've never heard of a case where it would come on after using power and home buttons at the same time. If you have a multimeter you could check for continuity across filters around the screen connector, possibly a knocked off component


@Roman Prochazka

that's what has me confused

sometimes it works

i did a dock connector replacement which was suceesful

now just need to sort backlight issue

thanks for your reply I'll do what you suggested

regards Gerry