S5 Power Button problem

Hi folks

The Power switch on my S5 doesn't work. I opened the midframe where the switch is located and tried to insert a new one. If the smartphone is left overnight, you can turn it on exactly once and then not again. It also shows the battery percentage when you connect it to the charger. The home button and the volume buttons work normally. What kind of problem can that be? Thank you very much for a solution.

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Hi @mullehose ,

Since you have opened the phone to try and repair the Power button, check that the phone’s battery connector terminals are still OK and are making good electrical contact with the battery.

Does the phone show that the battery is charging when the charger is connected to it?

If it works every time when connected to the charger but only the once when on the battery only, I would try replacing the battery and check what happens.


It shows that the battery is charging when I connect it to the charger. Since I didn't opened the whole phone but only the middle frame, I think that the battery contact is ok. I tried two batterys.