iPod touch stuck on red battery sign despite changing battery

My iPod touch 6 won't turn on if it is unplugged. When plugged in, it stays on the red battery icon but never charges or switches on. Tried hard reset with no success.

When I unplug the iPod, the iPod switches off. I thought it is a battery issue and changed the battery myself. But even with the new battery it does the same thing

Interestingly, when the battery is not connected. The iPod switches on and shows the Apple logo but keeps doing loops. I checked the battery with a volt meter and it has charge, however when the battery is soldered onto the logic board, I cannot detect a voltage in the battery. Once I disconnect it I can detect a voltage.

Also there seems to be some kind of connection between the positive and negative lead of the battery ONLY when I connect the battery to the logic board (tested using a volt meter)

Anyone have any idea if this is a logic board issue or something else?

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