Which are the most sutible boards and cpu processors EMC 2308 21.5?

I've got an old imac which I got for next to nothing, for a 3.06ghz EMC 2308 21.5 it runs pretty quick. But I can do with some extra cpu this is for music production using 3rd party plug ins, alot of people have said that I can only put a 3.33 ghz cpu in it from the other model version, so I've been to YouTube and find these monster gaming machines that have been built out of old imacs, so I don't need it for gaming but for sound. I come to ifixit and start realising that there could be some hope if I change the logic board? Ultimately I'd like to see a much quicker unit then I currently have within the same machine. Do I have any hope? If so what motherboard would be a good start? Thanks

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