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LCD Connector broken on Logic Board

Hey ppl,

I bought this faulty macbook off eBay because it was starting up but the screen wasn't lighting up, so i stripped her down and found the LCD screen was broken (big crack from top to bottom). I replaced the screen and it still doesn't work, but noticed the 30 pin connector on the logic board was damaged about 13 pins in from the left. Holding a torch behind the apple logo, i can see the folder with a ? in it, which id expect to see because it hasn't got a HDD in it. It looks as though the previous owner has tried to test for voltage at these pins but has done more harm than good. I dont think i can just simply solder a new connector in, so my question is, can i bypass these 2 broken pins and directly solder thin wires to where ever theses pins go? Any ideas out there? Pics are avaliable if needed.

Many Thanks, Sean

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This may be an answer of last resort but, personally I would just send it into Apple on their Flat Rate fee repair program for $280 plus shipping. They'll drop in a new logic board and fix anything else they see. You will then have a book that you'll be able to resell. If you do the soldering yourself, you'll lose this option and if you do get it fixed, it will half the resale value that it should. Nobody is going to want a board that's been soldered on by an amateur. Meanwhile hook it up to an external display to see if your diagnosis is correct.


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Thanks for your reply, but im not reselling it on, its going to be for my girlfriend. I really don't want to spend much more money on it, i'd rather just relist it on eBay and get my money back. I took a punt at getting a cheap laptop and it hasn't work. I might buy a mini-display adaptor to try an external display to see if that works. Shame really because everything seems to work on it except the backlight. Sean.



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