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Replacing Dishwasher's Control Panel a DIY Job?

After doing my homework, it would appear that the control panel on my 8-year-old GE Profile Dishwasher PDW9280J00SS has gone out. The dishwasher seemed to stop mid-cycle so there's water in the bottom and no response from the control panel. I checked the air gap to see if it was clogged. It wasn't. I checked the circuit breaker... it was fine (although I reset it just to be sure). I consider myself to be a pretty handy mom, but I don't want to jump in to replacing the control panel if it's just beyond me. Can someone tell me if this is something I should try to tackle or would I be better off calling a service technician? Also, is this normal that it would go out after 8 years? BTW the door spring also broke, which I'll have to replace (but I feel comfortable doing that).

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The dishwasher is dead. All buttons on the control panel are non-responsive. I'm assuming it stopped mid-cycle because there's water in the bottom and the dishes that were in there were still wet. LOL... most 12 year olds can do a LOT of things I can't. I'm guessing you mean it's a pretty straightforward procedure? If so, I'll give it a go. Thanks!


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So from what I gathered, it looks like most problems arise from the front touch panel. At least it seems a common thread throughout the forums. While I am still hunting for a service manual, check this site for the parts and the explosion drawings of your dishwasher. Looks straight forward and I am certain you can do it, just based on the drawings. The problem might be the cost and availability of the touch panel. Here are the parts and diagrams and the same goes for Sears. Might be advantageous to shop around, looking at the price differences...:-) anyhow good luck to you.

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Thank you for the links.


I purchased my PDW9280J00ss dishwasher in 2004. The control panel failed in 2007 and was replaced under warranty. In 2009, a recall was issued and GE placed a new overload relay in the system to protect the control panel/board at no charge. In August 2011, the control panel/board melted and charred the stainless steel. The short was so bad it caused our smoke alarms to go off. GE had to replace the control panel/board and all the control wiring. Five weeks later the control panel/board failed again.

GE has decided to replace my dishwasher with a 2011 model at no charge. GE is also paying for the installation.


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Sad to say, if it's a standard GE or Whirlpool basic to midlevel machine, it has more than likely already run its life. If it is a higher end machine of say 800-1000 dollar or more unit, have it checked by a certified repairman. It could be just the pump. If that is the case, it is easy and relatively inexpensive to replace. I would take a look at this first before taking apart the control panel. Things don't usually go bad in the electronics. Usually it's something mechanical.

If you really don't want to pay an expensive repair service it's easy to replace the pump. Access it from the from bottom kick plate. It snaps into place. If its crudded up it is probably shot


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Daniel Wood, excellent answer. In the comment above it was stated that this is covered under warranty "I'll be getting it repaired for free :)" So I would say, the case is closed. ;-)



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