Mower cranks but won't start

I'm working on my sister's 2014 Craftsman 2200. B&S engine model 33R877-0002-G1. About a month ago her husband was mowing when the mower just quit. Now it cranks but won't start. I made sure the battery is good. Tested the starter solenoid, seat switch, starter is getting juice. Removed the cover and starter looks good and is engaging the flywheel.

Checked the coil (reads 5.75k ohms slightly over the 2.5-5kohm recommendation). Put in a new spark plug and verified the spark plug has spark. Tried starting fluid in the air intake and still wouldn't start up. Fuel lines are good, fuel filter is fine. Checked the backfire switch on the carb bowl. That works fine. Removed the carb and cleaned out the tiny amount of gum. Verified that both valves open and close inside carb. Still nothing. I'm at a loss at this point.

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