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Replace HDD for HDD Box Buffalo MiniStation 2,5" USB 2.0?

Please do me a favor to guide me how to replace HDD on HDD Box External Buffalo MiniStation (2,5" - USB 2.0). I 'd like to replace the HDD inside that box. This is the link of product, it's quite hard to open (no screws +_+):

Pls help me ASAP. ^^

Thank you so much in advance

I love your site ^^

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Please, anyone? +_+

I need helpppppppp +_+

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I still need your help! +_+

After few weeks, I'm still waiting for a solution! +_+


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I can find no information on dis-assembly of this unit. Looking at the photo of the unit it appears there is a seam going around it. You might try using a Spudger to go around that seam to see if that gives you access to the drive for replacement. Good luck.


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Thanks for your answer,

I think so, but actually I'm afraid my outside box will be damaged.

Should I take some photos close up to all of my device's sides and show to you to get an advice?

Have a nice day! ^^

You could call the maker and ask for service. Ask them how to open the device. As I said I could find no information on procedures for replacing the drive--I think they may want you to pay them to do it. There is always risk in trying a procedure like opening a case--you have to decide if its worth the risk to you.


It has a two year warranty.


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I made a guide for this, hope it helps.

Disassembling Buffalo MiniStation External Hard Drive (Thunderbolt & USB 3)


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Thanks guys, Actually, I bought this device in Korea and there is no official reseller or global warranty in Vietnam for it! +_+ So, I will leave this topic open and welcome all the ideas coming before I break it up! ^^


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just put an ATM card inside the edge, then lift it up slowly, starting from the long edge!


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