How to test a amplifier transformer

how too test a amplifier transformer to see if it working ok

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Hi @selwynvw ,

More information is needed to give a reasonable answer.

Assuming that you're asking about a power transformer, do you know the make and model number of the transformer itself or what is the make and model number of the receiver/amplifier where it is installed?

How many primary windings, secondary windings, what are the voltage input(s) and expected voltage outputs etc? All theses factors can affect how it is tested.

With the power disconnected and using an Ohmmeter, have you checked for continuity for each of the windings, primary and secondary to make sure that they're not open circuit?

Have you checked that there is no electrical continuity between the primary and secondary windings (if not an auto transformer) or even between secondary windings if applicable - centre tap output perhaps?

What have you checked?