N64 that's producing a bad video signal.


I was given an N64 that's producing a bad video signal. It's very dark and it seems like its too red.

My first thought was an issue with the capacitors. I replaced those, and the picture is the same. I probably should have done more research before I did that. Then I thought maybe it had something to do with the multiout port so I cleaned the pins on that. I also cleaned the cartridge port while I was at it.

Then I started plugging it into different TVs. On two different CRTs I'm getting a similarly compromised image. However for some reason when I plug it into my elgato video capture device, it seems almost normal (maybe a little dark).

Here's a list of everything ive done so far

Replaced Capacitors

Cleaned Multiout Port

Cleaned Cartridge Slot

Tested with 2 different sets of OEM AV Cables

Here's a comparison of images from the different displays I've had this connected to.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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