mobile data update failed and doesn't detect no simcard


i have this 2 issues with my iphone which i think it is related.

firstly, mobile data update failed. I had this issue intermittently since the start of the year. At first, i could just fix it by just rebooting it, after that it escalate to a few reboot to get it working. When it gets worse, I will have to switch it to flight mode for over a day then restart it, and it will works. I think now it has come a point that i cant get any signal at all.

I have tried all methods, restarting it, resetting network settings, factory reset… etc. none of it works…

While meddling with my sim card, taking in and out numerous time, i realized that when i took out my sim card, iphone doesn’t show “no sim card” error, it just keep searching for sigal and show the “mobile data update failed” error.

Not sure if these 2 issues are related, i kinda of the feeling that this is not a simple software issue and might be a hardware issue?

could really use some experts advise there!



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