Replaced batt with iFixit kit, went well, but max charge 35% :(

Replaced severely swollen batt (though charged normally) in my wifes iPhone XS with iFixit battery kit last night. Process went well, I’ve done several MacBook, Mac Mini, and iPad “surgeries” before, so consider myself proficient at these things. Phone is working fine otherwise, tested all sensors, mic, cameras, haptic, speaker, etc. Did hard reset as stated in the guide afterward, and plugged in to charge overnight. The charge maxed out at 35% (see screenshot). The Battery Health section in iOS shows it’s healthy, and reports the battery’s max capacity at 100% (does not show any of the dreaded warnings about non-genuine Apple battery or anything like that). Anyone else seen this before?

Block Image

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What is the scale? Last 24hrs or 10 days?


Good question! that’s the 24 hour view. So I plugged the phone in about 7pm last night, and by 7am, you can see that over the course of 12 hours being plugged in, the battery stayed flat at 35%, never gained any charge.


Have you contacted ifixit? I think they have a warranty.


Lets see if shutting it down fully and leaving it on the charger for the night makes a difference.Something is off here, does the phone still think it has the original battery still? I have found some actions which I would have expected would be instant sometimes take a bit of time as they are scheduled to run only once every day or set hours.