Is my power supply causing frame drops and lighting issues?

Hi there. I have a Razer Blade 15 (RZ09-03006E92-R3U1 ) and recently I’ve been having a recurring issue where I’ll start playing a game (I say “a” game because this will happen with almost any game, running on any settings, for example low settings and 60fps cap on cod warzone) and I will experience massive frame drops from say, 60 frames to 10-20 frames and back for a couple of seconds. This will happen every few minutes, and sometimes a few times a minute. Whenever it happens, my sceen will dim and my keyboard LEDs will also dim, as if I’m using the laptop while unplugged. I'm pretty sure it’s not an overheating issue, as it will still happen if I turn on the system and start playing immediately. I usually play with it plugged in, otherwise the batter size will limit how long I can play and the performance quite a bit. I also usually us a cooling pad while I play to try to have some amount of airflow under the laptop.

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