need a new power cord

i only have a black and white hangin out the back of amp

do i need certain kind of cord

i think it has wrong cord this one has 3 prongs like pc ,i looked up manual it should only have 2 prongs thats it

put it this way i,m 59 years old and hve wrecked, fried ,so many stereos,plug in make me very nervous

got ya, i need to get new cord,hope i can find one this amp is 14 years old

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I the plug has 3 prongs! Then these will correspond to Live..... Neutral.... And Earth. A plug with 2 prongs! will be Live....and Neutral with no Earth prong Indicating that a device is Double Insulated therefore no Earth prong! required. Having said that an amplifier should be earthed 3 prongs!



Hi Grant,

What do you mean by "a black and white hangin out"?

A black and white what? Loose wires? What?

Which make and model is your amplifier?