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Will a new logic board fix my problem?

A while ago my brother spilt tea on his Macbook A1342. After it dried out, it would not turn on at all but the light on the charger would come on if it was plugged in. He bought a new Mac and told me that if I fixed the old one, I could keep it.

Before he gave it to me, he decided to open it and see if the damage was bad. His friend, who was over while he was doing this, thought it would be fun to pull on the display cable... He ended up breaking the connector on the logic board as well as the cable. Because the connector is ruined I think I defiantly need a new logic board.

A few weeks after the spill, I took the logic board out of the computer and submerged it in distilled water. When it was dry I put it back in the Macbook. Now when I press the power button the Mac will sometimes turn on but there is no start up chime (or obviously display). I found that when the battery is unplugged the Mac always starts up (except for one time).

I know that I will need a new logic board, battery and display cable. After I buy them, do you think the Mac will function perfectly normal? Or will I need anything else?

Also, because the laptop doesn't always turn on, do you think I might need a new charger as well?

EDIT: The caps lock light doesn't come on when the key is pressed and when the ram is taken out of the Macbook it makes a beeping sound when turned on.

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Since this is the product of liquid damage, along with abuse, I would start by replacing the logic board and LVDS (video) cable. Depending on what got hurt on the board by the liquid damage could be what is causing your battery and charger issues. So the battery and/or charger may be good. Because this had liquid damage you may need to replace the top case with the keyboard, but you won't know that until you get a properly functioning logic board in it. The MacBook should beep with no RAM. You will find the guides you need to replace the logic board and LVDS cable here. Logic boards can be purchased here. The LVDS cable can be found on eBay for about $30 here is a link to them there. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to bring them to our attention. Have a wonderful day!


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Thanks, I will defiantly get a new logic board and LVDS cable. Thanks for the links too. It's good to hear that the battery and charger might be okay.


Any chance that I can find out what exactly worked for you? I have the same problem. A1342 model, liquid spilt. At first half the keys weren't working then shortly after the computer wouldn't start. Still charged fine with the orange/green lights coming on on the charger. I have completely dismantled the computer and the only damage I see is a little corrosion at the right speaker connector and sleep LED connector on the logic board. Everything else looks fine. I would greatly appreciate any advice regarding which steps should be taken next. New logic board? or simply a clean? new upper case? how to clean? possible to test hat's working without putting everything back together? Thanks for any help and info!


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