S10, won’t start, won’t click, no power, brand new battery

It’s an ‘02 Chevy s10, 4wd. I took my kid to a ball game a few months ago and when I started it, it sounded like when you start a vehicle and hold the key down. It was screeching. But I was barely turning the key.

We we got to the game and a few hours later when we went to leave, it wouldn’t start at all. It has started since then. A friend put a brand new battery on it bc he thought it would fix it but it didn’t.

I just went out and and tried to start it and nothing. No power, no clicking, no screeching, definitely no START. I lost my job when my truck went out and I’m desperate to get back to work. The weather is finally allowing me outside to work on it and I don’t even know where to start. Kind of like my truck

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