Toshiba Portege z30-b Bios Locked...Jumpers? Bios key?

Bought this on ebay and want to fix it I have fixed locked bios before but then one is quite the task. I usually enter the code into a bios website and it spits out the password but not this one. I boot into bios f2 then ask for supervisor password I then hit ctrl tab ctrl enter and get the Challenge code: L8UEF-NPGDT-VUGGB-Y5HCQ-UQ1KF and it is asking for a response code and entering into generator does nothing to help. Does anyone know the location of the jumper on the board of this model???

Block Image

I can tell you google is no help. I am thinking google hides things and just gives you the worse answers anymore, Please help its a gift and I want to fix this. Also the jumper is not behind the ram I took off and there is nothing there I just didnt take out for pic

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> Please help its a gift and I want to

This does help anyone to answer you.

(i.e) if it is seriously a gift why do not you return it and get unlocked one? Sorry!

compared to these Toshiba, you can get good Dell latitude (not inspiron) for reasonable pricing. Latitudes are very easy to disassemble or repair.


Hey D bag If your not gonna help why answer. Not a gift I bought it on ebay I knew it was locked was going fix it like I have other ones. #READ. Dont respond if you have nothing of value to say. I hope everyone isnt as big a Dill hole as you are here. Are you the guy who goes around spellchecking everyone offering no help just stupid comments. Ya I could of went to a store and bought a brand new one but then I wouldn't be here asking would I you donkey. People like you answering like that NO HELP this website wouldn't even be here with your worthless answers