Why my internet doesn't work?


My girlfriend laptop doesn't work on home network. I tried all the solutions i found on the internet.

Her laptop is an Dell G3 3579 ( i didn't find this model în the list). This laptop works on all other Wi-Fi network (my home, hotspot from phones). The wi-fi network is good, it works on my laptop and our phones. I tried with a LAN cable, but it don’t want to work neither. I uninstalled the network adapter (an intel AC 9462), but was unsuccesfully. I tried to connect to an hotspot network made with my laptop while i have the LAN cable connected in my laptop, but doesn't seems to work. The same thing done with the cable în her laptop works. All house can connect to the network she is doing with her laptop.

When i connect to the Wi-Fi network it looks normal ( it appears that i'm connected, if i use a cable is the same), but when i try to acces a network Page it appears like im not connected to any network. It says that i need to check the proxi and firewall. It is ok on any other network, but on this one don't work.

What other solutions do you propose?

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