A colored fainted vertical line suddenly appear ..

Hello fix,

I suddenly got this vertical line on my screen out of nowhere, It does change color with the background. yellow on white …, blue on black .. itc. but never moves

i did try to push or rub it but nothing changes or around it. and i really don’t have any ides what maybe the problem.

Thanks ..

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Have you ever opened your system? Or someone has?


Hello Dan, thanks for responding.

didn't understand by what system you mean, but if you meant as opening the hardware and reassembled it ?

I would say no i haven't and nobody been using it but me.


@qritaz - The word system is the device in question.

To be clear you haven't entered into it, has anyone else?

Why I asked is to help isolate the possible areas involved.


Hello Dan thank you for the response.

No i haven't as far as i know and nobody else is using it other then myself.

Thanks again Dan


@qritaz - OK, last thing here, I promise!

Do you have an external monitor or TV which you can connect your system (iMac) to? You'll need a mini DP or Thunderbolt to HDMI or VGA adapter cable (dongle).

I'm trying to isolate out which part needs replacement its either the display assembly (the T-CON board on the backside of the display) or the logic board (the graphical engine on it - GPU).