Replacing Digital Crown Encoder — is this even possible?

Back in 2019, I got two S2 watches, one with a cracked screen, and one with Digital Crown random clicks (i. e. constantly summons Siri and opens a home screen). I tried to fix random clicks but gave up and simply transferred the screen from one watch to another. Now I want to fix the watch with broken DC, cause I don’t have Apple Pay on the watch I use (I believe it has something to do with this stupid NFC chip lock-in) and its casing is in far worse condition (it sustained a certain level of abuse from the previous owner).

I disassembled one of the watches (the one I use) and I found two dots on the little piece of metal that holds the digital crown and its flex cable in place, and both dots are clicky, just like buttons! I believe that these two dots are responsible for actual click recognition, and maybe one or both of them are stuck on the watch with broken DC.

If I don’t manage to fix it by messing with these dots, I want to replace the entire encoder flex cable, and I was wondering how hard it is. I’m looking for anyone who has experience with Digital Crown repairs specifically, as I didn’t manage to find any guides or instructions on how to fix it.

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