2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Spilt water on MacBook, but cannot remove battery

I spilt some water which has gone inside the computer. I stupidly tried swithching it on before allowing to dry. It came on shortly and then went off. I have removed the back cover and want to remove the battery as recommended in other solutions. I cannot do this however as I do not have a tri-wing screwdriver.

1 Is it really essential for me to remove the battery?

2 Is there a way to remove the battery without a tri-wing screwdriver?

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I have managed to remove the battery. Should I leave the bottom cover off while the computer dries?


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A screwdriver from Radio Shack is a lot cheaper than a logic board replacement.


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Unfortunately I live in Zimbabwe and its 9p.m at the moment.

Ouch! Now is the time to improvise a tri-wing somehow. You do need to remove the battery. Good luck.

What, no Radio Shack in Zimbabwe, what's the world coming to? ;-)

Got the battery out with a flat head screwdriver

Here's the guide on water damage: Electronics Water Damage



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