Cant get back in to it

Bought my HP omen Laptop brand new few years ago set it up runs outlook so had to get new addy so i did that signed in once and then a lot of stuff came up life stuff and i put it away till we moved and was just able to get it out to use it. recently well few years went by since the first time i signed into it and few things changed like phone number well i can not remember my password and when i click on forgot password it brings me to the page that says will send temp code to sign in but the number they have is like 3 phone num ago and there is no opting to chang it to my num now also had different emails since then that i do not have anymore and can ot remember security ? Answer the other way is they want me to list emails that i had last sent to people from it and i never sent any from it just made account and had no time to use it even once (SORRY for the long explanation ) to get to the point what can i do to be able to sign in and use my Omen i spent so much money buying it for the longest time no time to use it now that i have the time I cant get into SO FRUSTRATING i hope this makes sum sense and there is somone out there in this Beautiful community that might be zble to help me. BTW been a huge fan of ifixit for a long time people on here are so Brilliant and have helped me a lot in the past and i Truly appreciate it thank You

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What os is it running?


Hi Willow,

Would you mind stating your question a bit more succinctly. From what I can gather you are trying to log in to an email account that you never used ?!?!

Please clarify. But then you talk about signing in to your computer.??? You've lost me.