iPhone 3G是第二代iPhone。型号A1241,有8或16 GB容量,和炫酷的黑色或洁白的白色塑料背面。修复比第一款iPhone更简单。需要螺丝刀、撬撬工具和吸尘工具。

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Phone Needs Unlocked With SIM Card - A Quick Question About It

Hi there, so my girlfriend just got an iPhone 3G from a friend of hers yesterday for the wonderful price of free. Problem is, it needs a tiny bit of TLC (which I'm more than capable of doing and have already started, I'm just waiting on parts to arrive) and it'll need to be jailbroken so that I can use it for T-Mobile.

I know how to jailbreak the phone (it doesn't look too terribly hard), but as of right now, the iPhone tells me to insert a valid SIM card so that it will be activated when I turn it on. If I plug it into my computer, iTunes tells me the same thing.

Now I have a good friend who has AT&T, and I'll be seeing him on Thursday night. Can I simply pop his SIM card into my iPhone so that the phone will activate/unlock and I can use it like an iPod Touch? The wifi signal flex cable is busted on it so I know I'll have to repair that before the wifi works on it, but it'd still be nice to just have it get this far, that way I can jailbreak it.

Assuming this method of borrowing a SIM card works to get the phone itself unlocked, will this also make the phone appear "working" or whatever you'd like to call it to my iTunes? I obviously don't want to keep his SIM card, and I use a desktop, so I wouldn't be able to verify it with iTunes until after I see him and try the phone unlocking thing.

Also, assuming that this will make iTunes have no issues recognizing the phone, what free jailbreaking program other than www.jailbreakme.com do you guys recommend? I already have Redsnow RC16 downloaded and ready for use, but if you know of something better, by all means let me know. Thanks a ton and I really appreciate all of the great DIY guides!

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If I want to restore the phone, can I simply find the 4.1 software version online and download that and put it on it? I think it's running the latest update because iTunes suggested it when I was trying the initial jailbreak where I messed up and didn't get it recognized by iTunes before attempting the jailbreak.

Like I said, I'd gladly use JailbreakMe but the wifi flex signal cable needs replaced on the iPhone as it will recognize networks right now and show that it's connected, but then it can't actually do anything. I took it apart to do a quick evaluation of it and there's no #6 pin to remove, so when the previous owner said that the wifi cable "was thin and sensitive and may have broken" he definitely wasn't kidding, haha. Because of the no wifi issue, I'm limited to using a jailbreak that's computer-based.


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Yes, you can use that SIM to activate the phone and use it as an iTouch till you jailbreak. As far as the Jailbreak Tool goes, JailbreakMe is a reliable tool written by a very talented individual (Comex), I would use that. Redsn0w RC16 is fine, I have used that myself, but only cause Comex's solution wasn't out at the time. Good Luck!


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Another thing. If you plan to unlock the phone, make sure you restore the phone to 4.1. It is one of the more stable releases that is currently unlock able with it's original baseband.


simply popping a sim card will not unlock your phone and moreover jailbreaking does not require unlock..Unlocking is done when your phone is network restricted to the sim you insert.. If that was your case and if you need to remove the network restriction you can simply get it unlocked using remote unlocking method that would be available at any commercial vendors online like http://www.theunlockspot.com this will allow any carrier to be accessed to your Iphone...


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You dont need an active sim card to jail break the phone. You can use Absinthe. If you can go through the phone and see all its apps then you can JAILBREAK the phone and have CYDIA installed on it. The jailbreak wont be complete and functional until you do have service. At that point all you will need to do is click on the CYDIA APP and that will finalize the JAILBREAK. I can confirm this because I just did the same process two weeks ago and thats exactly how I JAILBROKE a friends 3GS. I also had to replace the Wifi. I have noticed in searching online that many people have had WIFI problems. It seems maybe some kind of defective chip.. Good luck.


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Hi my friend,

i have phone sim locked ,

i wish i can make it sim free to all networks.

can i do it ,can you help me pls.

my phone is samsung note 2 n-7100 black 5-5

many thanks bye.

kind regards



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