While recording, image glitches (flashes, reverse colors—purple)

I’ve used my Sony Handycam FDR-AX33 for a few years now. Most recordings are of my sons playing ice hockey.

The last time I was recording a game the camera LCD screen started glitching. Horizontal lines, inverse colors (purple), like an old TV on the fritz. But it wasn’t just the screen, it was the actual device as the same happens in the viewfinder as well.

I don’t know what is actually damaged and what needs to be repaired. A key component is probably loose, but what?

The temperature outside was -8 degrees Celcius.

Any thoughts?

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I got this problem too. Sometimes it seems to work but the Image stabisisation is not really working. Possible to fix it by myself?


Possibly, Cmos flex cable is bad which is a known issue. Or LCD flex. https://www.myksvc.com/sony-camcorder-re...


I took it in and got it fixed. Issue with lens.

However, after fixed another issue popped up where writing to SD card beginning to fail.


@Mitsukiyo Goto Sorry to hear that.


@Mitsukiyo Goto Do you used SD cards or Memory sticks?