Dell Venue 8 Pro (5855) inverted y-axis touchscreen?

Hi! I had to replace the screen on my cracked Dell Venue 8 Pro 5855 model. I bought used screen, installed it, everything works but the touchscreen is inverted on Y axis (left to right, if held in portrait mode).

I found that there were similar problems with previous generation of Venue 8 Pro tablets ( Dell Venue 8 Pro inverted x-axis touchscreen? ) and there is a special utility to reflash the digitizer controller. Since 5855 models have different chip controlling the digitizer it needs a different utility. Is there a chance to find that utility so I can fix this issue? So far I have tried two different digitizer controller boards MKY65 (my original) and NYFXW but they both do exactly the same - the touchscreen is inverted left to right. Also this is not a Windows driver issue nor Windows calibration because if I enter BIOS the touchscreen is already inverted.

I appreciate any help.

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