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After Replacing Battery, Battery Won't Charge

I just replaced my Iphone 3gs battery. I put the phone back together the battery was read, and it was at 45%. I plugged it into charge and the battery would not take a charge. The battery is now dead and everytime I plug it in it will start up then immediately power off. Itunes reads the iphone I manged to put it into restore mode, and restore it while dead but that did nothing. It's now restored but the battery still won't charge. I took it all back apart to ensure everything was connected properly and it still won't charge. I was reading on here about a battery charging fuse and was curious. Though when my phone was on the vibrate function did work. The phone charged before i replaced the battery. And yes I tried the simple stuff such as using a number of different chargers and still nothing. Please help.

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Let me be the one to say THANK YOU. It was my own stupidity and impatience that prevented me from trying to put in the old battery. I just put in the old battery and it charges fine, and dandy. So your experience is correct, and I can now add it to my experience the battery is faulty. Thanks again.

No worries! You were the one to think of putting your old battery back in so don't go giving me all the credit :P


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3G/S Batteries have a history of being very faulty (personal experience). My best bet is that if your iPhone was charging beforehand then the dock connector is fine, you will just need to order another battery. Contact your supplier, inform them of the situation and ask for a replacement. 9 times out of 10 they will send you one for free as compensation :)

hope this helps!


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