RED LEDs on processor board not going away.

I tried to put in a graphics card that required an 8pin and a 6pin for power. I got a dual mini 6 pin to 8 pin for the 8 and I saw online that I can take power from one of the HD SATA ports for the remaining 6. so I got an adapter for that and tried and my whole computer shut down.

I then went through minimum configuration testing process in the manual guide and got through step 7. EFI DONE light doesn’t show on. If I ignore that, I get stuck on step 9 because the RED LEDS on the process board are always on either with processors in or not.

Block Image

What else can I do? I tried buying a new processor tray with new processors and RAM through eBay and I got the exact same issue. The only parts I didn’t take out were the Bluetooth card, airport card and fan cage. All DIAG LEDS passed up until step 7 or 9 as standee above. Please help!

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