Crown Cdi 1000, both ch. signal LED’s jumping, no input audio, no out

I have a Cown CDi 1000 that’s has movement in the signal LEDs on both channels , it bounces from 1 green to two. The problem is that this happens when no signal is being applied and when you do send signal you get no audio nor do the LEDs react. Has anyone had this expierence? This is a dual channel issue, no faults. Any thought on where I should poke around? This CDi1000 is a 2009 model, I repaired the power supply, mainly the kick start area, the 48.7k resistors were pretty toasty, who ever had it before me did a number on C196 so that was replaced too. Could U14 cause this kind of issue?

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Figured out the jumping LEDs, now just no audio.