How can I make my joy-cons connect in handheld mode?

I've had been having some problems with my left joy-con. It would connect and disconnect while moving the joy-con up or down (while attached of course). So I thought the cause could be the pins and I tried cleaning the left joy-con(opened it up) with isopropyl alc. I also disassembled the rails of the switch and tried cleaning the pin connectors. Another problem is that I did the same with the right joy-con…(which didn’t have any problems.

Now they both have the same weird problem that if I wiggle them a particular way they either connect or disconnect.

(I don’t regret doing that to the right joy-con because I thought that if both worked fine after the cleaning that they both would be in better condition than before.) I’m not sure if the right joy-con isn’t working properly because of the disassembly but that could be the reason.

So if anyone could give me an idea on what I could try to get it working like it should, I would be very happy and I’m sure it could help others with same problem.

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