The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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Why washer will not start a cycle?

We set it to run a cycle, even a rainse/spin , but all we get is a click, click, click from unit behind detergeant tray.

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The clicking noise is your CCU, and that is a good thing. This from the service manual. Machine Won't power up :

1. Check the line voltage and for blown fuses.

2. Check for voltage going to Central Control Unit (CCU) by listen

ing for a click in the CCU when unit is plugged in. If no click

replace CCU.

3. Unplug the unit before continuing.

4. Check continuity of line cord and line filter.

5. Check harness connections to CCU.

6. Check touch-pad/LED assembly.

As you did not mention any error code on your LCD and did not tell us if you have anything on the machine, I added the Won't start cycle:

1. Open and close the door. The door has to be opened between

consecutive wash cycles.

2. Check the door switch/lock unit using the diagnostics.

3. If Door is Locked, Drain the Unit.

4. Check the wire harness connections.

5. Check the touch-pad/LED assembly.

You can download the service manual from here. The other thing you can try right now is to totally unplug your machine for a while and let it reset. Good Luck


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