My Volume Up button is not working, as well as my fan is on 100%

My switch recently started to always turn itself up to 100% so I ordered and replaced the volume cable. Now the fan is always on (when it is on or charging) and the volume up button does not work. I have tried 2 different ribbons, so I don’t think it is the ribbon. I am ordering a new fan as well because I think it might be malfunctioning.

I have tried to do all the different kinds of resets and have also initialized it again, and it is still doing that. Only thing I can think of that is different is that the thermal paste is just a generic one and not something like the “Arctic Fox” or whatever is recommended on the site. I wouldn’t imagine that would be the case though.

Also before all of this started to happen I tried to install Android with the RCM Jig. Could that have done something as well? Is there a way to test to see if the fan is broken or the volume button is working on the cable?


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